The Miami Heat pulled off a stunning upset in Game 1 against the Boston Celtics, winning 123-116.

Jimmy Butler led the way for Miami with 35 points, continuing his strong performances against Boston from last year's playoffs.

Jayson Tatum had a strong first half but struggled in the second, contributing to Boston's late-game offensive struggles.

Miami's shooting from beyond the arc was impressive, making 16 three-pointers and shooting 51.6% from deep.

Boston's offensive struggles in close games continued, with their record now at 0-4 in playoff games decided by seven points or less.

Tatum didn't attempt a field goal in the fourth quarter, relying solely on free throws.

Erik Spoelstra, the Heat's coach, has a strong track record in Game 1s, making effective moves right from the start.

Miami's zone defense caused problems for Boston in the second half, as the Celtics struggled to set up effective plays.

Game 1 is often the best opportunity for an underdog to steal a road game, and the Celtics were caught off guard by Miami's tactics.

Boston now needs to win a road game to regain control, and their opponents in the previous rounds (the Knicks and the Bucks) failed to do so.